The Galway Association for Mentally Handicapped Children was inaugurated in May 1963, driven by concerned parents and volunteers in County Galway, Ireland, who sought to secure much-needed services for children with disabilities. A strong sister organisation followed three years later in Tuam and before long, branches of the Galway Association were campaigning throughout the county for educational and day care facilities for children with special needs and respite services for their families.

The philosophy of the organisation was to develop community-based services, many of which are now in evidence throughout the county.

To celebrate the huge efforts of the organisation and its committed members, families and volunteers, a history was commissioned to celebrate almost 50 years of achievement.

In compiling the history, the authors consulted the archives of the Association and interviewed many of the service users, parents, volunteers, and staff who contributed to making what the organisation is today. This is their story.

Authors: Caoilte & Elske Breatnach
Edited by Caoilte Breatnach, © Copyright 2013. All rights reserved.
Commissioned Photos: Dave Ruffles, © Copyright 2013. All rights reserved. (http://davidruffles.ie)